Monday, August 18, 2014

You Can’t Live Like Truth Is Relative

Our culture tells us that truth doesn’t matter. Everything is relative.

That might be true for you, but not for me, they will tell you. Perception is reality is another common refrain. Find your truth within.

The problem with these sentiments is that no one can actually live this way. It is simply not possible.

For example, you might walk into your local bank to cash a check, and while there find out that some money is missing! Whereas your bank statement indicated that you had $450 in your account, your teller says, “Oh, we just send out those statements to make you feel good about yourself. We always add in some extra on paper so as not hurt anyone’s feelings. You only actually have $275.”

You expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, not just from banks, but from everyone in every walk of life. You expect truth from witnesses on the stand, your doctor, your financial planner, and your used-car salesman.

No wife wants to hear from her husband upon returning home late, “Whatever makes you happy – that’s where I was.”

We expect college transcripts to faithfully report our progress (well, at least we don’t want them to be worse!).

Congressman Jones says that those funds were not donated by a racist group. The road sign says that it’s only 20 more miles to Albuquerque. The instruction manual says to turn the handle three times and then pull.

In every area of your life, you expect truth-telling. You demand it. You wouldn’t put up with lies or deception from any professional person, business, governmental agency, or news story.

Truth is basic to life.

So why do we pretend that it is any different when it comes to religion and ethics?

Christians contend that Jesus of Nazareth rose bodily from the grave three days after having been killed. Well, is it true or isn’t it? If it is, that changes everything, doesn’t it? If it isn’t, then I no more would want to be a follower of Jesus than a follower of David Koresh.Well, ok, I guess Jesus was nicer.

The next time that somebody says to you that all truth is relative, simply ask them, “Would you say the same thing of your bank statements?”

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